Phase 1 - TakeOff

This 2-Day cleans prepares your body for faster, easier and healther weight loss.

Phase 2 - Weight Loss

This is the weight loss phase of your program. You will focus on losing weight while learning eating habits for a lifetime.

Phase 3 -Transition

Will help your body transition from losing weight to eating habits that will help you maintain your goal weight.

Phase 4 - Wellness

We will reinforce the healthy lifestyle behaviors that are necessary for lifetime success.

LA Life

Your App For Success!

Everything you need at your fingertips:

  • Delicious recipes at Your fingertips that your whole family can enjoy!
  • Easy to use Activity Log, Meal Log, and Weight Tracker!
  • Access to Our Community and Exclusive Content.
  • Thousands of Restaurant and Real Food Choices from our database! Plus,Hundreds of Recipes at Your Fingertips.

Healthy Weight Loss

Your program begins with a balanced nutrition plan. On LA Weight Loss you will enjoy a variety of everyday foods that allows you to eat at restaurants or at home. You will also have the flexibility to enjoy satisfying snacks and supplements while creating a new healthy lifestyle.

Community & Support

Lose weight with the support and encouragement of others who have already lost weight on LA Life and those who are just getting started like you. Share recipes and tips on your way to a healthier happier life.

Behavior Education

With LA Life you will learn healthy lifestyle behaviors that will help you to lose weight and sustain your results long term. You will have access to our behavior education and nutritional resources designed by our registered dieticians and counseling staff.

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